Welcome to Newcastle Taxis

A Newcastle upon Tyne based taxi company offering professional, reliable and cost effective travel to individual and corporate clients. Our fleet of cars and mini buses can cater for upto 16 passengers, and if you have greater numbers our trading partners can cater for any number and any destination.
Simply give us a call or make a Booking Enquiry online and we get back to you ASAP.

Booking Couldn’t Be Easier

Book online via our website using any device, our website will automatically scale to best fit your device making reading our website and making a booking as easy as pie.

Automated Management System

Our traffic management system automatically manages all bookings and allocates these to the most appropriate vehicle, meaning no booking ever gets missed.

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Based in the Heart of Newcastle city centre we are here to provide you with the best service possible. We provide taxis to Newcastle central Station and Newcastle Airport.

  • We can also provide transport for stag and hen partys.
  • Long and short distance
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Courier work
  • Business accounts

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T: 0191 232 32 32

T: 0191 638 0 638